Side by Side Interactive CD-ROM

Side by Side Interactive CD-ROM
Longman | EXE | 212MB

Side by Side Interactive is an innovative video-based software program that puts students in control of a dynamic language-learning experience using “state-of-the-art” technology. Now enhanced for workplace English and tied to CASAS standards. This exciting two-level program combines interactive video, audio, graphics, and text to provide students with powerful learning tools and abundant exercises and activities for effective language instruction that is individualized, self-paced, easy-to-use—and its fun!


* An innovative video player enables students to control and interact with highly entertaining video source material from the Side by Side TV programs, including comedy sketches, interviews, rap numbers, and music videos.
* A record and compare function allows students to record their own voices and then compare with the video.
Inventive video-based activities make language practice come alive as students interact with video clips in a variety of exercises.
* Comprehensive text-based activities offer extensive vocabulary, grammar, and reading practice, and writing activities prompt students to share their own ideas and backgrounds as they practice their keyboarding skills.
* GrammarToon computer animations focus on key language structures through entertaining cartoons.
* Lifeskills and civics lessons integrate important language competencies required by adult education curriculum standards.
* Check-Up tests offer students instant feedback and valuable test-prep practice.
* Side by Side TV Workbooks provide comprehensive supplementary activities – ideal for self-study, distance learning programs, and computer or language laboratories.
* The on-screen video control panel enables learners to:
o play a scene through
o play a scene line by line
o view or hide an on-screen script
o jump anywhere instantly by clicking on the script
o record and compare
o Simple menus and navigation tools enable students to quickly and easily
o select lessons and activities.

Part 1

Part 2

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