Grammar Games And Activities For Teachers

Grammar Games And Activities For Teachers

Grammar Games And Activities For Teachers
192 pages | Penguin UK (Aug 11 1995) | English | ISBN: 0140814590 | PDF | 6.3 MB

Grammar Games and Activities for Teachers is an invaluable source book by Peter Watcyn-Jones, the author of the best-selling TEST YOUR VOCABULARY series. It is divided into two parts: Part 1 gives detailed teacher’s notes for each activity, while Part 2 contains the various cards, handouts, etc. to be photocopied. There are 120 activities for teaching and revising grammar. These range from elementary to advanced and many contain material to be photocopied and mounted on card. They have been devised for pair work, group work and sometimes whole class activities and have been grouped into eleven main sections which include jigsaw reading, bingo and board games. Teachers are encouraged to adapt these activities to suit their own classroom situation. This book is an absolute gem for anyone taching EFL but particularly for those travelling around, as it contains games and activities which can be made at your teaching institution, rather than carrying lots and lots of boards and pieces etc. There is a clear index for items covered and activities cover all levels and each activity has the potential to be adapted for a level other than that for which it was designed.



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